Present perfect continuous or Present perfect simple 5. Do you do sports at school? 1. Share. English exercises > must-have-to : Talking about rules This exercise practices the use of CAN, CAN´T, HAVE TO and DON´T HAVE TO using a communicative approach. 6.They will another address in a month. ? Una volta scelto l'esercizio di vostro interesse sarà sufficiente cliccarci sopra per poterlo svolgere; l'esercizio scelto si aprirà in una nuova finestra del vostro browser mantenendo questa pagina intatta. Do the Exercises . Questo video per le seconde parla dei verbi "must" e "have to" che si usano per esprimere obblighi o divieti. have got to ? 5.- You _____ forget your umbrella. 2. In / at / on 13. Modals With Passive Voice 1 / 2 14. For each space, choose which is better - 'must' or 'have to'. The boy not have a cat. This is a one way street. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Must • Have to • Mustn't • Don't Have to • Must e Have to nelle forme affermative e interrogative sono usati per parlare di obblighi e responsabilità. don't have to ? "Must" viene usato anche per dare un suggerimento sentito: You must tell him before it's too late. In the UK everyone has to do some sort of sports at school until the age of 16 but it's not just football or netball these days. You mustn't be late for work on your first day. The modals must, must not and need not have the same form regardless the subject. Modals of Necessity 1 - Must, Have got to, Have to Choose the correct answer for each sentence. Hai una automobile? 7. Tag questions 15. DOVERE, OBBLIGO, DIVIETO: MUST e HAVE TO You must be the change you wish to see in the world. John! by Redazione | Sep 1, 2020 | Blog, Grammatica Inglese. Has you got a car? I must go now. It’s automatic. Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #26718: Must or Have to? Instructions may be available for each test. After finishing a test, you can review your answers. Modals with “Not” 1 - Must not, Do not have to Choose the best modal for each sentence. mu st 1. = I have to play football.. Hav... 24,286 Downloads . Have to, must and should for obligation and advice. esercizi inglese must e have to esercizi inglese must e have to completare le frasi con must o have to in forma negativa o positiva . Here are some other tests: Modal Verbs of Obligation Exercise Modal Verbs of Obligation Exercise 2 Modal Verbs for Advice Test Modal Verbs for Advice Test 2. don't have to ? (There's a rule requiring you to come) Must I wear this tie? 4.Susan and Marta so much in common when they were children.. 5. 3.Andrea a problem now. Esercizi; Vocabolario; MUSTN'T o DON'T. Must e Have To: differenze ed esercizi. Click on the box beside the best answer. 4. 6. My back has been hurting for weeks. Must / Mustn't / Needn't / Have to 12-13. > I must go now , otherwise I will miss the bus to return home. Going to (futuro) 11. Hope you find it useful. 73. ? 2.He a minute after the meeting. (=strong advice) ought to/ought not to = should/shouldn’t Ought to has the same meaning as should, although it is more formal and not as common. Must and have to are both used for obligation and are often quite similar. We don’t need to hurry, we a lot of time. 5.- You _____ forget your umbrella. Have you got a car? B&W version and ... 25,616 Downloads . Instructions: A). English Grammar - "Must/Have to" Test 002. 3 You got up so late. Present continuous 3. A volte possono essere usati in modo intercambiabile, ma la regola generale che li contraddistigue è: Must è usato per parlare di obblighi personali in modo simile a should, ma più forte. Start Your Free English Course Today! We did a chat yesterday. Choose the correct modal verb. If you say, We must talk to her before she leaves, you mean that you think this is very important, and you need to do it. "She must have left the house by now; it’s nearly 11 o'clock." See more. Our online discussion forums are the perfect place to quickly get help learning English. 1.- At our school we _____ wear a uniform. 1. It’s automatic. 4. English Grammar - "Must/Have to" Test 001 . If you want to say the sth. 38. 3.- You _____ turn on the central heating. WE _ _ _ WAIT OUTSIDE, WE CAN GO … Complete the gaps with a form of have to or must. 2. Esempio dei verbi modali inglesi should, must e have to: you should dance This image by Donald Tong is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license Una panoramica sui verbi modali inglesi should, must e have to che spiega quali regole seguire e come usare questi verbi, con esempi ed esercizi per aiutarti a studiarli. 4 You take a bus, I’ll drive you to school. must stop ? > Tomorrow is my girlfriend’s birthday, I must buy her a present. English Grammar - "Must/Have to… Must & Mustn't. For questions 6 to 10, read each alternative, and choose an answer that best fits the meaning of the first sentence. B). Mother to son: 1 You be at schoo l at this time. have to, must. I _____ work harder. 3.- You _____ turn on the central heating. There is no ending with he/she/it. Non ho una automobile. button to get a clue. Past Simple 6. The boy doesn't have a cat. Must and have to are both used to talk about obligations: things you cannot choose not to do.. For example: We must talk to her before she leaves. 2.- You _____ cross the roads without looking. Students have to complete the sentences with the affirmative or negative form. If you like this page, please share! Past perfect continuous 9. 2.- You _____ cross the roads without looking. Tra le differenze che creano più confusione nella mente di uno studente di lingua inglese troviamo senza dubbio la presenza di Must e Have to. INGLESE - verbi MODALI CAN COULD. must - have to Sia “ must ” che “ have to ” esprimono necessità e obbligo . Comparativo e superlativo 14. 1. ? 5 You go to bed earlier at night. Have to is NOT an auxiliary verb (it uses the verb have as a main verb). It’s going to rain. I have to go into work early tomorrow. Are these exactly the same? Footer. An exercise to practise MUST and MUSTN´T. must stopping; If you have a pet dog, you _____ feed it every day or it will die! Esercizi supplementari (con risposte) 1. I haven't got a car. Would you like more practice with should and must? Do you have got a car? Both Must and have to express obligation or necessity, but there are some small differences: • Must expresses the speaker's feelings, whereas have to expresses, above all, an impersonal idea: You must come. In questa pagina trovate 243 ESERCIZI on line interattivi sui verbi modali inglesi ordinati in 8 grandi gruppi numerati. Anche "must" viene usato per parlare di obblighi e viene usato per istruzioni e regole scritte: You must submit your proposal by noon on 12th July. (Mahatma Gandhi) MUST: E’ una decisione interna, indica un modo di agire che nasce dalla nostra volonta', qualcuno sente che e' necessario fare qualcosa. You are obliged to come. You must not use a calculator during the exam. ? You are obliged to come (I require that you come) You have to come. 54. Will (futuro) 10. Type the correct answer into the box. have to for objective obligation. We use have to / must / should + infinitive to talk about obligation, things that are necessary to do, or to give advice about things that are a good idea to do. It’s 8.15 and school star ts at 8.00. 1. My company said that if I want this promotion, I go to the doctor's for a thorough medical check-up first. Well, almost. Sport at school. Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. 3. Use contractions where possible. Professor Watkins told me today that I give in that assignment by Friday at the latest. You ought to go to a therapist. Past perfect simple 8. esercizi inglese must e have to completare le frasi con must o have to in forma negativa o positiva 1.- At our school we _____ wear a uniform. > I must exercise more and eat less, I’m getting fat. Must and Have To. For questions 1 to 5, read each sentence, and select the correct answer from the three options. permission, obligation and prohibition: must, mustn't, can, have to An exercise by Montse Morales for The English Learning Website . 4.- The exams are next week. is unnecessary, use need not, not must not. > Other English exercises on the same topic: Modals [Change theme] > Similar tests: - Modal : may/might - Placement test 1 - Modal can (video) - Modal verb : must / have to - Modal : can/could - Must / Have to - Modal verbs - Modal verbs > Double-click on words you don't understand: Must or Have to? 5. Modal auxiliaries: Have to or must (Koen Van Cauwenberge) Gap-fill exercise. Should, must, have to Breve appunto in lingua inglese sull'utilizzo appropriato dei termini "should" , "must" e "have to" con relativi esempi. must to stop ? Which is best: don't have to or mustn't? I don't have got a car. 1. It’s. In this lesson we look at have to, must and must not, followed by a quiz to check your understanding. YOU _ _ _ DRINK WHEN YOU'RE DRIVING. 2. We have a chat yesterday. It’s dangerous. "must have": crediamo che l'azione sia certamente successa. I need not play football. YOU _ _ _ SMOKE, IT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. 5-6-7 Mustn't vs Don't Have to Exercises 1 / 2 / 3 8-9-10 Must vs Have to / Has to Exercises 1 / 2 / 3 11. Present perfect simple or Past simple 4. Level: intermediate Age: 8-100 Author:Monique Tapajós Fullscreen : RULES This exercise practices the use of "have to/has to" and "can´t" to talk about rules and signs. 1.I a guest yesterday. I _____ work harder. I must play football. You ought not to be so strict with your daughter . Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues! We include have to here for convenience. It's also against the rules. In addition to the team of staff and moderators, we have a number of professional volunteer English teachers and language experts ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day. don't have to ? / I have to go now. You should be patient with me. Modals of deduction. Past continuous 7. Usiamo "must have", "can't have" e "might have" allo stesso modo del present perfect - l'azione che stiamo descrivendo è successa, o non è successa, nel passato ed è ancora vera nel presente. 2 You skip school, it’s bad for your education. Show all questions <= => You _____ smoke in a gas station. mustn't; You _____ pass a test to ride a bicycle. Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #99192: Should/ have to/ must > Other English exercises on the same topic: Modals [ Change theme ] > Similar tests: - Modal : may/might - Placement test 1 - Modal can (video) - Modal verb : must / have to - Modal : can/could - Must / Have to - Modal verbs - Modal verbs Esercizio 28: completa le frasi con MUSTN'T oppure DON'T HAVE TO. We had a chat yesterday. Tweet. You can also click on the "[?]" Choose an answer to complete each question. dangerous. (=advice) You must be patient with me. These tests will help you to learn, review, and refresh your knowledge about Must and Have to. YOU _ _ _ DO THAT NOW, YOU CAN DO IT TOMORROW. See more. Show all questions <= => According to the law, drivers _____ at stop signs. have to, don't have to, must, mustn't (1). must, have to. Must is a modal auxiliary verb. I go to the doctor's. Inoltre possiamo usare must solo per i tempi presenti e futuri, non al passato. ? Ieri abbiamo fatto una chiaccerata. 4.- The exams are next week. “Must ” esprime un obbligo imposto da chi parla, o sentito personalmente come un dovere. Grammar Writing Listening Reading Vocabulary Pronunciation IELTS TOEFL … Present simple 2. Esercizi gratuiti per imparare l'Inglese: parole associate al present perfect: been, gone, for, since, just, yet, already Each test contains 10 questions. Prima di procedere con l'esercizio rivedi la lezione relativa al verbo MUST (dovere). mustn't; You _____ unplug the computer while it is turned on. By 1mada A multiple choice exercise to practise modals for obligation, permission, prohibition, deduction, certainty. The boy don't have a cat. Sophie is in Bali this week and she discovers some unusual Indonesian food. Share +1. Exercises: 1 2 3. You turn back and use Smith Street. 3. has got to ? (The negation of must means not allowed to.). Modal verbs - quiz . Have / have got 12. Should is not as strong as must or have to. The use of must, must not (mustn't) and need not (needn't). should, shouldn't, should have, shouldn't have , don't have to, doesn't have to, must, mustn't, must have. They are both followed by the infinitive.

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