Like you’re completely obsessed with the shade of your tea and the milk to water ratio. complain about how everyone is going to see? - probably not to into soft loving blowjobs but likes it if it’s a form of teasing, - accidentally lets out a moan when you first do it, - definitely likes it when he’s in charge so will push you down onto his head, - a few whimpers specially if your peppering his length with sloppy kisses, - heavy pants and explodes his cum all over your face, - if you kiss his cock to much he will get inpatient, - he gets super sensitive and can’t help but hump your lips, Oml I loved those accent headcanons!!! See a recent post on Tumblr from @itchvr about itachi-icons. the whole time he’s like “we’ve gotta do that!” he’s a child omg 😔❤️✨. But it’s something. “I’m cream crackered” “You’re… hungry?”. -itachi would definitely have a huge dick, you can’t look at him and expect his dick to be smaller than 7-8 inches, -his favorite position would be you you on top, so he gets watch you’re beautiful body bounce on his dick (plus he’s very sick, so he has to go easy in bed), -it would start off with him placing small kisses, on your face, neck, breasts, etc, -that’s when you would know itachi wants to have sex, but a lot of the time you need to come on to him first because he barely ever makes a move on you, -it would be sweet passionate sex 🥺🥺 i dont picture him being rough with you at all. When he does, its not out where anybody could accidentally walk in under any circumstances. More at 12. Itachi bursts into your hospital room and refuses to budge. plus there’s so much good food! like a LOT. ik im being basic but...imagine a honeymoon with kakashi in paris, france, what a dream 😔. He’s an Uchiha, it’s basically built into his DNA. i only have one (1) and that is — what are your hcs on which country/city (in earth) will kakashi, itachi, hashirama, shikamaru and naruto most likely pick to travel with their s/o and what activities will they be doing during their vacay? Itachi threw one or two very bad jokes —the type he only blurted when extremely comfortable— and placed his chin on your shoulder. Naruto Fan Art Itachi Uchiha Anime Anime Japan Naruto Characters Itachi Naruto Uzumaki. He took your hand while joking on how he was supposed to ask first. For these reasons, he would probably take care of this particular business in the safety of the shower in his home. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink I LOVE YOUR WRITING SJSHSH, i just want itachi to fuck me up😔, but i’m shy as hell. Add in some dirty talk, and he’s the closest to putty in your hands that Itachi will ever get. He’s down to business and unrelenting in bed, the biggest catch of a relationship with Itachi is that he’s only a tease outside of the bedroom, and often in public situations.  ~Admin Night. As for the details of what he does for technique, he starts out pretty slow and thorough, and speeds up as he gets closer to release. he’d take you there and buy so much stuff to bring back. half the time everyone stops to look at kakashi because of his grey hair and mask. He posed his lips on each of your fingers, the smile always flagrant. #itasaku #itachi x sakura #itachi uchiha #itachi chucks the box at him #'omg don't tell mom' #you can't tell me that they wouldn't be like this if massacre didn't occur #and fugaku didn't worship itachi's every move #they'd be like any normal brother duo #my art Don’t you *cracking voice* don’t you remember me?”, It’s like a knife straight to the heart. there’s definitely a glare pointed towards you. Spending a lot of time having to repeat yourself because she doesn’t understand what you say. Her face moves in to a cute blinking face, with her eyebrows furrowed as she tries to understand you and she looks adorable. he’s really not listening to you (if you say stop doe he’s gonna stop, he’s not like that.) He has a recurring fantasy of surprising you when you’re already in bed by coming in with his ANBU mask on and having his way with you. ... akatsuki anime video itachi uchihaitachi clan hidan akatsuki deidara kakuzu sasori hidan menbros vilões naruto anime. itachi | Tumblr. • Itachi had always loved your every gesture of affection. Confusing him with British insults or swear words. Fluttering feelings, Ssamba. he’s just so happy he gets to make love to the women he trusts the most. Open in app; Instead, they try to get him to eat, drink, and sleep. You wouldn’t Adam and eve it.” “Shisui. Itachi might have to ask you to repeat yourself when you speak too quickly, or use slang that he hasn’t heard or doesn’t understand. • It wasn’t hard for him to notice your nervousness, he could read you to almost perfection. since making an event would be so troublesome, and a lot of people could miss it, I decided to make a 3 days challenge, so everyone can participate whenever they can! The first part of all the moments between Itachi and Izumi in Itachi Shinden. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Apr 29, 2016 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Of course it would all be discussed and settled upon beforehand, and with how loose his hair gets during sex, you would know that it was Itachi, but the general concept gets him going. If you used any form of British slang he would be completely confused and try and work out in which context it was meant. anyways, he’s got you too clouded with sex to care if he does finishing, that uchiha dick is tier. He visits her in the hospital and she forgets who he is, but calls him "the most beautiful man she's ever seen" and falls in love with him all over again. Hi its me again can I request some headcanons for how itachi, dei, sui, the ultimate uchiha bad ass ma, and sasori react to their s/o telling them they're pregnant, #hey guys sorry about the lack of posts lately, #but I'll try to write on the weekends and get something out every week. As another Brit, could I have the same for Kakashi, Shisui and some more for Itachi? Even if he’s sleeping he’s still alert and aware, and as soon as your breathing changes he’s up and praying to every divine being and spirit he knows of that you’ll be fine. do not modify or repost. Day 1: crows / accomplishments / jutsus. Usually just to chat, but he also brings gifts sometimes. Visualizza altre idee su rap, citazioni rap, citazioni di canzoni. His dream wedding has always been a traditional ceremony in the Naka temple and a small reunion afterward. “Y/N, why are you always talking about the weather?”, “Why does your accent make swear words sound so polite?”, She’d laugh everytime you offer her tea when she visits you. he’s going to throw you on the bed, rip off your clothes. Discover more posts about itachi-uchiha-x-reader. Terrified that something horrible has happened and that he’ll lose you. He’d rebelled against the clan enough to realize that moments where he thought about tracing over a S/O’s form with a blade, or pulling their hands behind their back and pressing their face into the mattress, were all him. Probably already has name suggestions too. Saved by Sareen. He wants to see a world first hand where children can be children - and what better way to do so then having his own kids? He probably won’t ever admit it, but he’s terrified. Agonizing seconds passed before Itachi reacted, surprise prominently evident in his eyes. barcelona seems like such a lively and loud place, naruto would literally consider to live there. See a recent post on Tumblr from @hankyouken about itachi-gif. That’s what really excites him. When you want to interact with an Itachi anon and simp, but you ARE THE ITACHI ANON SMFH. For inspiration thnx @ninken_dd ( spied a link from @animesworldx 🙌), -why would a adult go full force on a mere child- madara to the 5 kage, -am i sweating? He adores the pet names that you give him, or even just hearing his name come from your lips in your accent. Would love your British accent. Also he’ll pretend that he hasn’t heard what you said, just to make you say it again. Shikamaru makes you and him fly a kite on a summer day. always had bread on him too. However, amidst every day tasks he sometimes has a sudden spike in libido, so as long as there is somewhere relatively hidden he isn’t opposed to the idea of semi-public sex. Other than that, he doesn’t really have a specific place that he’s interested in taking you at. He will jokingly repeat the things you say in a forced posh British accent, because he thinks you sound adorable. and when he does cum he’ll either cum in you or on your stomach. Got Talent and X Factor | Top Talent - Duration: 29:42. This ends up including his bedroom because, while his door locks well enough, he can never trust the safety of his window staying shut (or Shisui, evidently). “You sound so posh, Y/N.” “I’m not posh.”, Shisui would try and mimic your accent so much. “Do you want to go for a cuppa tea, Y/N?” Causing you to land harsh slaps to his arm. he is THRUSTING. all you can hear is like skin slapping skin and moans. Unlike when he’s with a partner, he’s not too concerned about getting too rough with himself, so he usually comes out of a round of masturbating feeling satisfied in a way that he’s not very used to. Day 2: fire / relationships (romantic, family, etc) / missions. He’s a very loving, intimate partner, and so sometimes it worries him how overly dominant some of his sexual fantasies are. He didn’t give a direct answer, and although that was too much to ask Itachi, you needed a straightforward response. He doesn’t have many people left in the world, so he wants you to be safe and happy with him. Jokingly calling Shisui different British slang words, and watching his face turn pink in confusion because he doesn’t know whether you’re insulting him or not. He was sick, he knew he was sick yet you knew he cared more about them than you, of course he did. If Obito picked up on certain words you used it would sound so cute coming from him with his own accent, it would make your heart melt. Itachi wouldn’t have liked it, either way: it isn’t a part of the traditions of the village, which you know he values deeply. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Turning on a deeper, more seductive voice will get him going for sure. He nods. This weapon is double edged, however. Kakashi would find your accent extremely sexy. Shisui thinks you sound adorable and he loves your accent. Make quick sketch and quick color. Discover more posts about naruto, shisui, akatsuki, kisame, uchiha, kakashi, and itachi. “Y/N, It’s me, Itachi. Unfortunately my accent is the furthest from pretentious but I definitely love this idea. It begins with Izumi meeting Itachi for the first time, when they were six years old, right after entering the Academy. He said yes. zealand seems like a shikamaru place? There wasn’t much talk, Itachi was happy breathing the calm air, but the silence was just worsening your fears: regrets accumulating on your throat—but you loved him so much. Ok so, This is a tad weird but can i request headcannon of itachi's s/o proposing to him?  S/o is a girl btw Wait, the ask box is already open rn right? -he always makes sure you cum first. Itachi stays with you while the hospital staff takes care of any final examinations and paperwork, and then he walks with you as you step outside again. Always. Itachi presses your hand to his face when you open your eyes and look around, but then he realizes the cruel trick fate has played on him. -he loves eating you out, and he also loves receiving head but he usually gets too embarrassed to ask you to give him head. See a recent post on Tumblr from @savijane09 about itachi-uchiha-x-reader. Itachi would ask you to explain to him the different words and phrases you use. "Obito, I said Aggy.”. Itachi might research different terms you use and still not understand them, so might ask you to explain them better for him. Oranges appeared, illuminated the sky, and dissolved into blue. “My love, Pet etc.”, Would research things that British people are supposed to like and would automatically assume you like tea, crumpets or fish and chips.Â. For Itachi, your courage and boldness are endearing. You’re still alive and with him, but you’re not, “You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”. 4,268 notes Dec 19th, 2013. poses in pictures with a baguette in his hand?? but fr, i think he’d stop being his lazy self and make this fun for you, since you really came up with it. He’d try and incorporate them into conversation. naruto is definitely a soccer fan idc idc. “Blimey, Y/N. If you heard Itachi use some British slang or sentences it would be too adorable for words.Â. She also has no clue what the difference between English Breakfast and Earl Grey is.Â. omg your requests are open! Â, Winding Rin up on purpose by using slang just because she looks cute when she’s confused. - anon mishy. also take you to a hot spring and relax (and do some...honeymoon stuff 👀). ... Ninja Wallpaper Hd Wallpaper Desktop Naruto Wallpaper Computer Wallpaper Naruto Vs Sasuke Naruto Comic Itachi … He loves you and wants to understand the words. Hopeful that it was just a brief and temporary loss of memory. So, when you told him to meet you at the park at dawn —and after clearing out that no, there wasn’t anything wrong—, Itachi was elated. Salvo por Nikki Cook. Discover more posts about itachi-gif. xo 🖤. See a recent post on Tumblr from @nochkoroleva about frasi. In honor of our land and fabulously pretentious accents, how about some headcanons for Itachi, Obito, and Rin with s/o that had an Enlish accent? but this time he’s making sure you don’t cum, he wants you to release all over him. As he walked to the reunion point, he imagined different scenarios, most left a warm feeling in his stomach and a smile on his face. This is a rare moment of actual fear that is evident on Itachi’s face, It’s not that he doesn’t want to have kids, its just - he can’t, He’s dying of sickness for one thing, and he’s been planning on dying to Sasuke for years, and that time is only growing closer, And as much as he loves you and wants to have children of his own, that’s just not something he would allow himself to do, But it obviously wasn’t planned, so now he has to deal with the consequences, There would be moments of consideration as to whether or not he should follow through with letting Sasuke kill him - especially as your stomach begins to grow and he feels the first kicks, Or if there’s something he could do to ‘die’ then come back later to be with you, But no, he needs to follow through with his plan, for Sasuke, Still, he would stay with you as long as he could - he might as well enjoy this while it lasts, Hopefully living long enough to meet his child, He’s at a point in his life where he just wants to have fun - do whatever he wants with you without any responsibilities holding him back, So you being pregnant also makes him kinda mopey, Cause think about it, a kid means someone he can pass on his art to, someone who (hopefully) respects him, and someone that embodies his love for you, When he starts thinking of the situation in that light, he gets excited actually, He’s still scared about all the responsibility towards having a kid, he seriously does not think he’s ready and feels bad from moment one that he’s bringing his kid into a criminal world right off the bat, For you to get pregnant it has to be completely planned, Since with his puppet body he doesn’t exactly have the necessary tools to get you pregnant, so he would have had to create something to do so, There is a slight fear nagging at the back of his brain sometimes - regardless of his body he’s not dumb enough to think there aren’t ways he can die, and you can still die, He just doesn’t want a repeat of his childhood, he doesn’t want his child to go through the same pain that he felt when his parents never came home, He vows not to let it happen though, he vows that no matter what, at least he will always be there for your kid, Honestly you should be happy he even agreed to try to have a kid in the first place, he originally did not like children at allÂ, But he supposes that with you one or two might not be so bad, Like deidara, or even more so since the whole point of his art is to make it eternal, he’s excited to pass on his artistic ideals, On one hand, that’s kind of exciting, having a kid, But on the other hand, that’s a whole kid - that’s a responsibility that’s going to be present for the rest of his life, He’s just gotta go with it though, he feels confident enough that with your support he can manage this, He’ll keep his fears on the inside and show you and everyone else that asks his excitement, Kinda immature about it, doesn’t quite realize what having a baby as a villain, a villain that’s constantly on the move especially, entails, So either you gotta help him realize all those details that you two need to figure out or it’s gonna be a real shock for him later when the baby’s actually born, Planned or not he’d want kids of his own eventually, So he’d get so excited when you tell him, Like bright smile on his face and he’s giving you the tightest hug, it’s adorable how happy he is, Of course it’s a lot of responsibility, even more so if you two weren’t exactly planning on having kids yet - but he’s ready to take it on, Honestly having kids has probably been a goal of his since he was young, seeing a world where children were so unhappy and forced to grow up too quickly. Itachi è un personaggio che per molti è considerato un grande cattivo, ma in qualche modo è riuscito a conquistare il cuore di molti seguaci di questa serie. • You were ready to apologize and change the topic when you heard Itachi laugh. tumblr frases amor próprio status afronta se ame mais indirectas status indireta frasi tumblr piada trocadilho memes. he could care less. There was no anger in his tone, just curiosity. a lot. Thank you so much! He insists on staying with you and spends the whole time sitting in an uncomfortable chair, caressing your face. Nevertheless, he finds those rules silly: there is no fundamental reason why he had to propose. Might have to ask you to repeat yourself sometimes because he doesn’t understand your accent. he’d take you to some wine tasting places? *sorry this was mad short! i mean teasing him in public, getting a bit too close with a guy...hell, do both at the same time, youve got in the bag. A/N: Catch me over here crying about Itachi and everything he had to go through for the next thousand and two years. This spontaneity is irritatingly controlled, however, because he is a patient man and none of your efforts will convince him to go ahead with this risque behaviour. And I can't seem to find my way home. When Itachi first hears about the accident, he drops everything and rushes to you asap. He’s the first to notice when you wake up. © all content belongs to narudere. You can never quite predict his reactions to you. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. you and kakashi would go out and just walk around, see some sights, eat some food, normal things that couples in france do! He’d contain most of his kinkier kinks, but his more “common” kinks are phone sex, dirty talk, begging (just turn on that seductive voice and he is gotten), marking, and necking. cw: nsfw, brief asphyxiation, breeding kink, praise, request: [ anon ] omg please do breeding kink w itachi please do. Itachi being a victim himself isn’t an excuse for this and, again, his apology does nothing. Finally, he asked why you had brought him there. if you think itachi can’t speak italian, you are wrong, he will surprise you with that fact. Poor boy deteriorates so fast. Consider the cowgirl, the hot seat, and the shoulder holder. • Itachi grew up in a very conservative environment, the Uchiha have very established roles of what should the man and the woman perform in a relationship. take him to a soccer game PLEASE, he could scream as much as he want without anyone telling to hush. qualcosa di monotono Vorrei mettere una descrizione interessante, ma finirei per scrivere una banalità. Same reasons as to why he masturbates there- its a safe place. • There wasn’t a ring. 🥳🌏💕 thank you, You're from England!?!? Itachi is a child in the scene, but we don’t ignore it when children perform heinous acts. • Time passed and there was no talk. He’d be too shy to ask you what certain things mean so he’d try and work out exactly what you meant. He visits you often. On one hand, you always know how to turn the tables in your favour and get your lover’s attention. Yooooo me too~ I'm from Durham, hbu? It's where your interests connect you with your people. 14 notes. Selfless and loving as he is, Itachi will always have the upper hand. Discover more posts about itachi-icons. but if you’re really REALLY sure that you want itachi to be like that, so be it then. Anonymous said: Headcanons for itachi's reaction when his S/O suffered an accident and has temporary memory loss. As I mentioned in the previous headcanons, Itachi would write down some of the words you use to try and remember what they mean. No one says that in the UK” *Sweatdrops*, Shisui always makes Harry Potter references. I'm Elena 41,948 views. Hiiii my fellow Brit! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Between poking them and kissing them, Itachi was lost in the softness of your cheeks, a small and always so charming smile stuck on his lips. itachi isn’t gonna just start the sex right off the bat, going feral on you or not, you’re still getting foreplay. But it’s not. An imagines blog for anything Uchiha Itachi related, including the characters closest to him. He loved the way you brushed your hand against his and soft, gentle kisses. He’ll write down some of the phrases or words so he remembers what they mean and he will try and use them back at you. There wasn’t a grand scenery prepared; just enough to watch the sunrise together. He could probably count on his hands the amount of times that he took time to step away from whatever he was doing to jack off. He’d chalk it all up to the whole Uchiha thing- maybe it was bred right into his DNA- but it still doesn’t settle well with him. Itachi was caressing your hand. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Discover more posts about citazioni, amore, pensieri, vita, aforismi, parole, and frasi. He’s very hesitant to tell his partner/s about these thoughts as they’re so polar to his usual attitude that he doesn’t want to scare them, but if he really trusts you, you can probably coax these fantasies out into the open. This blog is permanently closed. Sometimes playful fights and tickling will lead into something more because of an alluring breathlessness in your voice, as well. a lot of hickies and love bites. also, the city is full of street food and busy people! Simon Cowell's FAVOURITE EVER UK Auditions! He agrees to, but only enough to keep him conscious and awake. To most, it would look like he didn’t care, but he did.Â, 🦦 - Itachi overall wouldn’t be too jealous of an S/O, he would have his moments but everyone does.Â, Hi! itachi doesn’t show is “rough” side because he genuinely doesn’t want to hurt you. Itachi doesn’t necessarily masturbate frequently. the beautiful sights, poetic writings, ancient statues, just perfect, i could see itachi just bringing a sketchbook and sketching the statues and landscape...and some of you 🥺. such a gentleman.  The size of the party is insignificant when compared with the prospect of a life with you. It was always like this, months would pass without seeing Itachi and he would appear, stay for a while and leave again. His unconventional taste doesn’t brink on violence, it leans more towards the thrill of danger, but the dominance of these particular kinks calls to a more primal side of him that he doesn’t like to let show. He likes to be close to you, and he’d like to be able to kiss you and leave dark love bites all over your neck (he has a particular fondness of your neck and shoulders) but he doesn’t necessarily need to be fully body pressed against you to feel satisfied. Itachi: Why is your back all scratched up? Le 37 migliori frasi di Itachi Uchiha Ti lascio il meglio Frasi di Itachi Uchiha , uno dei personaggi più popolari della famosa serie animata "Naruto". Itachi doesn’t talk about what you were like before the accident unless you bring it up, though he might mention that the two of you were close. Itachi plays with your cheeks whenever he has the chance. another way you can get itachi to be like that is if you rile him. Sometimes he gets confused with certain words or phrases that you use. He’ll give anything. Photo US $13 11 OFF Nendoroid Naruto 682 Sasuke Uchiha 707 Uchiha Itachi 820 Jiraiya 886 Sakura 833 Gaara 956 Spielzeug Action Figure Modell Puppe most popular just for you from google, itachi uchiha japanisch, itachi uchiha youtube banner, itachi uchiha favorite food, itachi uchiha tumblr, itachi uchiha profile pic, source: Kakashi jokingly introducing you to other people by saying “Don’t mind her, she’s British.” or something along those lines. so maybe some headcanons for itachi w/ a s/o who is shy in bed (like will he tease her and stuff idk) THANK YOUU 💞🥺. Depending on how serious the situation was, he might even flash his Sharingan. Sep 11, 2017 - Explore Andreu's board "Itachi", followed by 108 people on Pinterest. #tumblr #frases #amor #i love you #citas de amor #frases de amor #notas de amor #eu te amo #romance #romantic #frasi tumblr #casal #namorados #relacionamento #beutiful More you might like Espero que você se apaixone por alguém que nunca te deixe ir … 13-mag-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Tha sup" di Emmabbf su Pinterest. but i’m a little busy today, maybe tonight i’ll make some more head canons or an imagine! 1:31. See more ideas about itachi, itachi uchiha, uchiha. He loved your insistence on dressing up for dates and your many surprises. See a recent post on Tumblr from @ph-faraway about frasi-famose. Non capirebbero, e io non sento il bisogno di spiegare, semplicemente perché il mio cuore sa quanto sia stato vero. "Â, If you use slang around Obito he’ll think you’re making words up and will jokingly make up random words to say back to you. And although he wasn’t sure why you had brought him there, Itachi trusted you would explain it. However, he won’t spare Shisui from getting an eyeful by putting his bedroom off limits in the case of having a partner with him. there’s a lot of waterfalls and beaches in thailand, so i feel like he’d take you those a lot and have picnics with you. One second you’re standing at the snack table getting a two bite sandwich, and then you’re caught in one of Itachi’s split-second-lasing genjutsus and having your mind thoroughly frayed with scenario after scenario of exactly what he wants to do with you. He’s constantly saying things to you because he wants you to repeat them in your accent. 285. Itachi is an interesting character, but I’m not going to stop critiquing him despite being his story is tragic. Visualizza altre idee su sfondi iphone, sfondi carini, sfondi. do not modify or repost. Frasi tristi tumblr #AmoreADistanza - Duration: 1:31. I’m from London! However, he won’t be as jealous or possessive as most other Uchiha.Â, 🦦 - If someone was hitting on you, or making you uncomfortable, he could pull you closer to him and give anyone a glare. Rin would get you to try and imitate her accent and she’d find you even more adorable. ALWAYS!! I can imagine Kakashi finding your accent rather soothing, and he’d enjoy sitting with you and listening to you talk. no just rain these fools could never make me sweat- obito, -you think some gay little crows can stop us?- hidan again, -yo aloe vera where the fuck is sasuke- naruto talking to white zetsu, -each jutsu has its weakness and this jutsus weakness is my existence- itachi to kabutoÂ, -i am your god now (my personal favorite) - shikamaruÂ, In which Itachi sees how in love Sasuke is with the nine-tails carrier and knows the pain to come.

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